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As a bankruptcy attorney, I regularly encounter tax debt.  However, bankruptcy is not always the perfect vehicle for achieving tax resolution.  In brief, recent income tax debt, payroll tax liability, and other non-dischargeable tax obligations cannot be eliminated in chapter 7 bankruptcy.  In general, only income tax debt at least 3 years old whose tax returns were filed on time at least 2 years ago, and in which the IRS assessed the taxes at least 240 days ago, is eligible for discharge in chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Clearly, many Sacramento clients have tax debt that doesn’t meet these criteria, but who nevertheless require tax relief.  In these cases, Sacramento tax resolution attorneys can help these clients stop IRS collections and get out of tax debt.

Traditional Tax Resolution Strategies

Bankruptcy can be an effective tax resolution strategy in some cases.  However, most individuals in tax debt don’t have dischargeable tax debt.  In these cases, a local tax attorney can pursue traditional tax resolution strategies such as offers in compromise, installment agreements, and non-collectible status.  This blog will focus on these traditional tax resolution strategies and provide detailed articles breaking down the substantive law for eligibility.

This Blog Is About Tax Resolution, Not Bankruptcy

I’ve written many articles on bankruptcy law, only to find that many clients need traditional tax resolution strategies in conjunction with or in lieu of filing bankruptcy.  However, there are not many tax attorney blogs in Sacramento that offer a detailed analysis of offers in compromise or other traditional tax resolution strategies.  To help Sacramento clients learn more about non-bankruptcy tax relief this blog will seek to help clients learn more about tax resolution outside of bankruptcy.

-By Adam Garcia

“I’m a bankruptcy attorney in Sacramento helping clients eliminate debt in chapter 7 & chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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